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ONLINE Basic DNA Thetahealing Practitioner Seminar

The Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar is the seminar to take after completing Basic DNA. You will experience the in-depth and powerful digging and belief work that will change your life and the life of your clients. Go to the Learn ThetaHealing page for complete information.

Date:  January 19, 20, & 21
Time: Friday, 4-9 PM, Saturday Noon – 6:00, & Sunday, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM EST
Where: Virtual, Zoom
Cost: $500 ($100 at registration and $400 before the event)- includes ebook + eworkbook
Registration Link – upon registration, I will email you with complete information.
All are welcome. Seats are limited.

ONLINE Restore – Renew – Recalibrate YOU!

We live in a world that is fast paced, stressful, and at times traumatic. Yet, we have not been given the tools, and sometimes we are not given the permission, to process how our experiences impact us spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

In this three-day virtual workshop, you will tap into the healing power of ThetaHealing®, to embrace and embody personal rebuilding and recovery. Together we will restore our personal choice and power, renew our personal values and mission in life, recalibrate to navigate the world while maintaining our inner balance, and learn personal habits of mind and action to create a positive life.

You Will Learn…

  • RESTORE: Remove the trauma you are carrying, Identify what you need to recover & rebuild, Heal your heart.
  • RENEW: Identify your values, Renew your perspective and relationship with your emotions and experiences, Learn how to boost your energy tank.
  • RECALIBRATE: Identify your strengths, vision, & life mission, Learn how to allocate the resources of you, Identify systems and practices to support who you want to be/become.

Date: TBD
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 AM EST
Where: Virtual, Zoom
Cost: $300
RSVP: Eventbrite Link
Includes: Kindle version of Atlas of the Heart, by Brene Brown + Reflective independent activities
All are welcome. Space is limited.

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