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Tammy Waldron
Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
& Teacher/Holistic Coach

ThetaHealing + Holistic Coaching
Sessions can be in person, via Zoom, or over the phone.

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An invitation for self-discovery, self-love, self-actualization

Are you as happy as you could be … or that you want to be? What is getting in the way?

Are you struggling with your relationships with others, or with yourself?

Do you feel like your emotions are out of control … or that they are controlling you?

What if your struggles, emotions, and longing for more were an invitation, a MAP, to grow, learn, and heal. To know yourself more clearly? What if I told you, Sweet Friend, you are not your fear, your anger, or your frustrations. If we put all of those things aside, and look inside, who are you?

Through our work together you will…

  • Obtain a greater connection to yourself.
  • Establish a sense of peace with yourself and your relationships.
  • Instead of reacting, learning, and creating space, to pause and reflect.
  • Release unconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, including personal and ancestral beliefs.

I’m here to guide you through this journey to immerse you into your life’s work! We each have something unique and special to share with the world. YOU are special! YOU are unique! Only YOU can be YOU! The world needs YOU, who you are meant to be, and ALL that you are meant to do!

Contact me to book your session. Sessions can be in person, via Zoom, or over the phone.

Your Journey Begins Here…


“Not just a coach, an author, a guide, but a beautiful human divinely crafted to be on the Earth for these years. Filled with the wisdom of her own Journey and through her time seeking the Creator of all things, she has developed a Spiritual maturity and gifts of insight and discernment to help open the eye of the heart and soul of those she works with. She is a gift to those just starting their journey as well as a coach’s coach.” – Catherine KingsVail

We could all use some light to help guide our way on the journey of this life and Tammy does a great job of facilitating the true light of the creator of all things. She helps us connect to the love of the one who dreamed us into being.” – Catherine KingsVail

“Tammy has super clear energy and is so pure. Her work will help you address those underlying beliefs that hold you back; even if you don’t know the belief is there. I felt very clear and free after our session.”
– Dr. Faith Swartzendruber

“My experience with Tammy has been very positive. Each session has lifted my whole being into a place of completeness and peace. It is very life changing to be able to let go of thought patterns that have gripped me for years and to now have a positive knowing going forward, seeking always to live my highest and best life.” -Elizabeth Wukusick

“Tammy is a sensitive and caring healer. Most importantly she helps create a safe space, where it feels ok to share and be vulnerable. I found our work together with the Theta Healing process to be as interesting as it is effective. I recommend her without reservation.” -Rob Beaumont

“Several months ago I got to experience a Theta Healing session with Tammy. She was spot on in helping to uncover and heal some core belief systems that I had which were keeping me from moving forward in life. The session was very powerful and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to do deep healing work.” -Irene Schulz

“Tammy is an amazing ThetaHealer that creates a safe environment where you feel heard. She cares about you and works with the Creator to shift your beliefs for your highest and best good. I recommend her to anyone that wants to change their life in magical ways.” -Cindy Hadfield

“Tammy is an incredibly intuitive guidance coach that assisted me in reaching my internal dialogue to work through any internal blockages I was experiencing and bring to light what really drives me. I Would highly recommend Tammy and her Theta Healing services.” -Emily Humbert

“Tammy uses her training and her intuitive abilities to work very effectively to help clients to heal themselves by defining and eliminating limiting beliefs that are held on the subconscious level. She assists you in changing those beliefs through meditation and focused prayer.  Experiencing The ThetaHealing Technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life.” – Robert Voges

“Tammy was very loving and caring. She made sure I received what I was looking for when meeting with her. She is also passionate about what she is doing so that she may serve God in the most loving way. I had two experiences with her and she is a great teacher and listener. You will be blessed with any interaction you have with her.” – Lois Hays 

“Tammy is a powerful speaker and healer. She offers a tremendous service and is just an amazing person in general. ” – Stephen Hunt 

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