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Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner:

  • Basic DNA, 2014
  • Advanced DNA, 2014
  • Animal Seminar, 2014
  • Digging Deeper, 2014
  • Manifesting and Abundance, 2016
  • Game of Life, 2016
  • You and The Creator, 2019
  • Intuitive Anatomy, 2021
  • You and The Earth, 2022
  • You and Your Inner Circle, 2022
  • World Relations, 2023

Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor

  • Basic DNA, 2021
  • Advanced DNA, 2021

Mission: To Learn. To Teach. To Heal.

Vision: To guide myself and those around me to unlock our true potential to be our best selves in our thoughts and actions.

I founded Towanda Wellbeing in 2021 with a desire to guide people to find their inner peace + empowering people to live into their best selves. My ThetaHealing® journey began in 2014; today I am an Advanced ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner coupled with a lifetime of exploring spiritual, self-help, and leadership texts that have facilitated myknowledge and growth along the way.
I am passionate about guiding people through the healing powers of ThetaHealing® + supportive holistic coaching strategies that provide opportunities for people to discover and anchor into their true selves and embody well-being in their thoughts and actions. This is a guided path of teaching, personal contemplation, and deep meditation. My work is guided and grounded in the following overarching principles:
• Self-love is the foundation of all personal growth and healthy relationships, including my relationship with myself and my self-talk.
• How I listen to myself sets the precedence for how I show up and listen to others.
• Knowing, understanding, and being grounded in my own values allows me to see and value others.
• Being anchored into my true self enables me to create an ecosystem that I can thrive in, including all that I need to say yes to, and setting boundaries for all that I need to say no to.

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