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Towanda Wellbeing is the intersection between guiding people to find their inner peace and empowering people to live into their best selves.

  • One of the Native American translations of Towadana is ‘Peaceful resting place.’
  • Towanda, as it is used in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, is a word you say when you want to be empowered.

What’s your “Towanda?”

“Not just a coach, an author, a guide, but a beautiful human divinely crafted to be on the Earth for these years. Filled with the wisdom of her own Journey and through her time seeking the Creator of all things, she has developed a Spiritual maturity and gifts of insight and discernment to help open the eye of the heart and soul of those she works with. She is a gift to those just starting their journey as well as a coach’s coach.”

Catherine KingsVail

My experience with Tammy has been very positive. Each session has lifted my whole being into a place of completeness and peace. It is very life changing to be able to let go of thought patterns that have gripped me for years and to now have a positive knowing going forward, seeking always to live my highest and best life.” 

Elizabeth Wukusick

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